4 Quick and Easy Hair Styles – Featuring Missio Hair Products

I recently sat down with my sweet friend Ramsey and talked all about her career, motherhood and all of life’s lessons. But not before I had her give me some awesome hair styles to play with for the girl on the go.

Since becoming a Mom myself, I have found that the words quick and easy are two of my favorites, cute is an extra added bonus. I have also found that I am very aware of what products are used in and around my house, since Greyson was born. Thats why I love using Missio products in our home. Their mission, which is one that touches my heart so deeply (you can read about them here) coupled with the clean ingredients make the company and product a win-win. I was super excited for us to use all of their products while trying out these new styles!

Missio Styling Products

Half Up Knot

This look is super simple, especially if you’ve already taken the time to put a few curls in your hair. It’s a great day 2 style.

After you form the little knot in the back, make sure to cross the bobbies to lock it into place.

Knotted Hair

This look is especially fun because it replaces traditional braids with a series of knots. It might take a little practice, but is easy to master. It’s just two strands tied into a knot. Then you add more hair to either side, and knot again. make sure to prep your hair with Missio’s volume and shine spray.

If you have a lot of layers, or shorter hair, put a little pomade, like Missio’s texturizing pomade in your hands for some extra grip.

Bun with a Twist

Keep this bun looking chic by teasing at the crown, but keep the sides tight. Use Missio’s Volume and Shine Spray at the roots.

Make sure to give yourself plenty of length on the scarf.

Dutch Braid

Update a classic braid by shifting it to the side. Pull and tug at strands to give it a lived in look. Prep hair with the Missio texture paste to help with separation and grip.

Add a thick black velvet ribbon for a touch of fun!



  1. RANDI

    November 15th, 2018 at 3:20 am

    These dos are so great, fun, flirty & so CREATIVE,

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