Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

Thats right, can it be true? Thanksgiving has arrived, which means Christmas is a mere 5 weeks away. How I ask has time gone by so quickly? For me there are a number of things, of which I am grateful for.

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Top of my list is my family and while this may seem so obvious it is also so true. There are many reasons to love my husband Andrew, besides him being the most amazing Dad to Greyson, he is my number one fan in all of my professional adventures. He has supported me in everything from spending extended periods of time in NYC for work to all of the energy I have poured into The Tiny Essentials.

I of course am so beyond blessed for my sweet little nugget and light of my life. Greyson has truly gone from being my little baby last Thanksgiving to a walking and talking little joy to be around. He has taught me so much about the world and even more about myself. This amazing little adventure I never could have begin to understand until I was on the journey with him. 

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Third, I am grateful for you, yes thats right, the you that is reading this very post. Who has clicked on my page, read a post, double tapped an insta pic and come back again to continue this with me. This blog is something I have dreamt of doing for a long time. I feel so thankful that I waited to do it until I did, because the content that I am creating now is more than I could have imagined for myself before now.

I hope that you and yours have an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by those that you love!



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