Tiny Talks with Lorin of Missio

I am so excited to feature Lorin Van Zandt on the Tiny Talks today! Lorin and her husband Kyle are the founders and owners of Missio a hair care line with a purpose- to help stop human trafficking. If you aren’t familiar with their brand and all that it stands for I strongly urge you to head over to their website (linked here) and learn more about what Missio is.

Lorin and her Husband Kyle, the founders of Missio Hair

Lorin is truly an inspirational woman to me. It is so awesome to see not only females, but also Moms out there following their dreams and fighting hard for them! I was so honored that she was willing to take some time and sit down with me to share about how she does it all. Added bonus, she gave me one amazing blow out while we talked all things boss babe!

ADG: What is your professional career title?
 LVZ: MISSIO Hair Founder
ADG: What inspired you to start Missio?
LVZ: It was through a number of experiences that led my husband and me to pursue this vision! As a hair stylist I realized there was a huge potential to make an impact in the lives of others- from the stylist’s chair to BEYOND the chair. Years ago I began volunteering my services and giving haircuts, manicures, pedicures and facials to women in need/transition. These were homeless shelters, drug rehab centers and recovery homes. I eventually began working with victims of human trafficking and as I heard their stories it inspired me to do something about this issue. I realized there was a role the beauty industry could play in making a difference and I became very passionate about the idea of a purpose-driven hair product. Then after much time, prayer, creative brainstorming and advice from mentors MISSIO was born!
ADG: Tell me about who you feel you are as a creative woman in your field.
LVZ: I absolutely LOVE hair. I see it as an artwork, a platform for expression and an opportunity to connect and encourage. I love styling and creating looks for weddings, new fresh color combinations and quick styles. I also have had so much fun dreaming up ideas for new products, testing scents, designing packaging and being able to work with designers to bring a BRAND to life, which is a whole new level of creativity! It’s been some of the most challenging, yet rewarding work.
ADG: What tools do you find indispensable in your career?
LVZ: Paper-based check lists on a clipboard. I have a million lists, and I LOVE to check off to-dos. Somehow it helps me manage to stay afloat!

ADG: What is the best advice you have ever received and from whom?
LVZ: One piece of advice that I love is from my client and friend Ashley. She has overcome a significant challenge in her life and there is one thing she shared with me that I will always remember. She says that

“Sometimes being BRAVE does not always mean you feel like a roaring lion. Sometimes being brave means you are very afraid, but you still take the next step in front of you.”

A lot of times when pursuing a passion and something new, working with women who have been through a lot of hardship, and building a business from scratch, I have to exhibit a lot of courage. I love remembering Ashley’s quote that reminds me it’s all about just being willing to take the next step.


ADG: Who are your biggest influences? Who do you admire most?
LVZ: Mark Ayers- owner of a hair salon in Winston-Salem, NC. I grew up working as an assistant at his shop and he not only taught me about hair, but how to truly LOVE and VALUE every person that sits in the salon chair. I watched him encourage so many people through their lives and I learned to love to embrace the opportunity for truly loving people that the salon provides.
I also just read a book by Jessica Honneger called Imperfect Courage and I’m such a fan! Her story of building a socially-conscious jewelry company that is changing the lives of women in need (all while being a mama) is super inspiring. I hope to meet her one day.
ADG: What is your best advice for handling criticism?
LVZ: First of all, I think it’s important to consider where it’s coming from. There are too many people or things in this world that we shouldn’t allow in (if it is not helpful or welcomed). However, if it is someone or something worth listening too, I think it’s so important to truly take the time to consider what has been said, and if it’s constructive, then really do some soul searching in order to figure out what that means and how you should change. I’m also a big fan of journaling and praying thought tough stuff.
ADG: What is your biggest challenge – personal, professional or both?
LVZ: Oh my, ha! TIME. It’s such a precious gift and as a person who is so relational, it’s hard to say no to people and things. Sometimes in a busy season of life, however, it’s important to say no to the good, so you can say YES to the best. Things that are necessary, constructive and precious. Like personal and professional goals, rest, kiddos, community and family!
ADG: What is a surprising lesson you have learned along the way?

“Sometimes things that aren’t perfect still get the job done…and GRACE offered to others and YOURSELF is so necessary.”

ADG: How do you balance work life and motherhood?
LVZ: I just try to do a really good job wherever I am… and to be present with those around me. If it’s leading a business meeting one hour, and then heading home to get down on the floor and play barbies or take my girls to the park, I just try to do my best to be fully present right then and there. I also have lots of to do lists, but I never check them all off… and I have had to be okay with items “floating” to the next day when there is dinner to be made and snuggles to be had!

ADG: What is next for you?
LVZ: Next is continuing to steward this vision forward at work- making more meaningful connections and partnerships with stylists, salons and individuals who love the idea of making a difference together through the platform of a product line. I also am working HARD toward launching some new fun products this year! This is all while loving those around me well… particularly my amazing husband…. and two little girls who are in the PRIME of precious KID memory-making time.

                           ADG: What is your tiny essential, professionally, personally and as a mama?

  LVZ: Honestly, DRY SHAMPOO. Might sound funny, or obvious, that I say that… but honestly its such a game changer for time saving. Its been so much fun to design and bring to market an all-natural version of my own! Hopefully it is saving others time as well and serving a greater purpose!

How inspired are you after this amazing chat with Lorin to go out and take on the world? Also side note Missio dry shampoo is totally game changer, as a working Mama on the go I use it so much!



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