Tiny Talks with Ramsey – Part II

I am completely inspired by the women in our community in the creative field. We have some seriously talented and driven ladies making their mark in the world. This is the second part of my interview with Ramsey, if you didn’t catch the first part, you can read it here.

ADG: What is your best advice for handling criticism?
RT: I hate being criticized! Who doesn’t? But what I have learned is that it is the only way you grow. Be open, listen, and learn from your mistakes. That is the only way to move forward. It is ok to be wrong.
ADG: What is your biggest challenge- personal, professional or both?
RT: I’m always late. It’s such a bad personality flaw. I read once that people who are perpetually late are to optimistic that they can get more done in a small amount of time. It sounds nice, but I am sure it was written by someone who is perpetually late.

ADG: What is a surprising lesson you have learned along the way?
RT: That the only thing in life you can control is yourself. That’s it just you. Whatever someone else is doing that affects your life, only does so because you let it. It took me a lot of years to accept this.

“The only thing in life you can control is yourself.”

ADG: How do you balance work life and motherhood?
RT: I have to give all the credit here to two people: my boss Hannah, and my dear husband Josh. Hannah has been so supportive of me ever since I became a mother, especially when it comes to scheduling and work load. You can’t pour from an empty cup, so to be able to be a good Mom, I need to save some of my energy left for “momming”. I also have the most amazing and supportive husband. He is so selfless and has always supported my dreams. I can’t thank him enough because without him, none of what I have
achieved in my career would be possible.
ADG: What is next for you?
RT: Oh, I have a lot of ideas rolling around in my noggin as far as career paths, but immediately is welcoming our second child into this world! So, that takes up most of my headspace these days.

ADG: What is your tiny essential; professionally, personally and as a Mama?
RT: I hate to say it, but my iPhone. Everything is on it. My calendar, work schedule, photos, social media accounts and contacts I have made. Ok, that and this gorgeous lip stain by Smith & Cult called Demon Dazed. I always have it with me. And because I don’t have enough long hair for a
ponytail, a cute ball cap for those “run out the door to play date” days. I just bought one from Gigi Pip and I love it because it is simple and goes with everything and doesn’t look sloppy.



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