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Hey there gorgeous,
I'm Ashley...

 I'm a city girl living in a coastal town, looking for any excuse to throw on a Hermes scarf. I lived in New York, so I know all about having to make due with just the essentials- those things that you can’t imagine living without. For me, that used to mean saving up for Gucci, but now that I’ve got a little babe, it looks more like saving up for college. I started this blog to show all of the life that happens while you're busy chasing your dreams, I just might happen to be doing it in heels.


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One of my favorite things about launching The Tiny Essentials has been pushing myself outside of my norm. More often than not you can find this city girl in a head to toe black outfit, minus a fun pop of color in an accessory somewhere. But since starting this journey I have found myself more […]

Color me Crazy

I am so excited to feature Lorin Van Zandt on the Tiny Talks today! Lorin and her husband Kyle are the founders and owners of Missio a hair care line with a purpose- to help stop human trafficking. If you aren’t familiar with their brand and all that it stands for I strongly urge you […]

Tiny Talks with Lorin of Missio

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I just got back from a week long birthday celebration in the Bahamas, so the weather upon arriving home was a little bit of a shock! We are definitely in the middle of winter here in the Carolinas. Don’t get me wrong I am 100% still here for it. Remember I am the odd girl […]

Baby it’s STILL Cold Outside

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Stay True to You!

Before becoming a Mom I was all heels, silk blouses, leather jackets and blown out hair. I splurged on me because I didn’t need to worry about anyone else! I had Greyson and my focus shifted, it had to and I gladly started changing where my energy was placed. G One of the things I […]

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My Fav Black Skirt

A few months ago my absolute favorite blogger, Blaire Eadie of Atlantic Pacific, launched an incredible line with Nordstrom. I literally counted down the days until this collab launched and knew exactly what I was going to get before it went live. This skirt was my #1 pick, I mean what is better than black, […]

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Happy Holidays from The Grockis

It is Christmas day! For my family that means sitting in front of the fire opening stockings while Mama sips her coffee. After that we stroll around snowy Breckenridge, while the boys go hit the slopes. PSA I used to snowboard but since having Grey I haven’t gotten back on a board. Then the ladies […]

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