Stay True to You!

Before becoming a Mom I was all heels, silk blouses, leather jackets and blown out hair. I splurged on me because I didn’t need to worry about anyone else! I had Greyson and my focus shifted, it had to and I gladly started changing where my energy was placed.


One of the things I struggled with initially was trying to make sure that while I embraced this new journey of motherhood, I also stayed true to who I am. Days normally spent shopping on Madison Avenue and lunching Bergdorf’s became, park playdates and picnics. Once my postpartum fog lifted I realized why do I need to choose one or the other. 

I can be my most authentic self and still be an amazing mother!

Essentially I can still love fashion, have dreams of moving back to NYC for my career and enjoy being a part time stay at home mom, just as much as I love going to work, all at the same time.

Boys Gucci Jeans
Boys Adidas

My awesome and totally talented friends Drewe and Kate who helped me with all of my brand content for The Tiny Essentials,  understand exactly who I am. We put together these super fun outfits for Grey and me, and decided to do a cute shoot in the park with all of our fun fashion pieces. I love this because it 100% encompasses who I am as a mom.

This Bugaboo stroller is life!

You yes YOU, can be the exact Mama and Woman you want to be and hold your head high. One of my favorite sayings that rings so true to me is, I refuse to live as half of myself because other people can’t handle all of me. I choose to stay true to who I am as a Mom and being proud of that!

My Outfit- Shirt here, Skirt here, Shoes here Sunglasses similar here, Watch here Bracelet here Diaper Bag similar here

Grey’s Outfit- Shirt here, Jacket similar here, Jeans here

Stroller here



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